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Kerrick Lucker earned a Master of Arts in Museum Education from John F. Kennedy University in 2008. Since then he has been driven to apply his background in creating and supporting effective educational experiences to some of the world’s most pressing ecological and cultural problems. With Atelier.KathleenBrown, he has worked on projects for the Museum of the African Diaspora and the GLBT Historical Society, among others. Presently he works as an Interpretive Naturalist with the Aquarium of the Bay and contributes to community gardening and permaculture education efforts in San Francisco.

Experiential Education

We know learning has happened when we have an experience and our behavior changes as a result. Learning happens when we recognize an experience as meaningful and significant. Meaningful and significant experiences can happen in a classroom—but they happen even more powerfully outside the classroom, in the outdoors, connecting with other people, or when we are pursuing our passions.

Permaculture Design

Permaculture is the design modality of creating optimal human systems based on the patterns inherent in natural ecosystems. It is most famously a way of designing gardens so that each element supports, and is supported by, the others—the principles of permaculture design can as easily be applied to strategic planning, teaching, and community development.

Working for a future that includes us

27th Jan 2011

Some Florida Wild Foods

While visiting the state I grew up in, I’ve made the acquaintance of a few delicious wild foods that I’d like to introduce to you. Sea Purslane—Sesuvium portulacastrum Sea purslane...

15th Dec 2010

The Problem with “Energize”

The Progress Energy Foundation, nuclear power renewable energy advocates, have sponsored a little flash game targeted to general audiences designed to raise awareness of renewable energy development. It’s called Energize....

15th Nov 2010


Leaving Emerald Earth meant leaving behind connections with people who had become good friends, co-workers and co-livers, communitarians I’d sung songs with before very nearly every lunch and dinner for...

23rd Sep 2010
Sustainability must include resilience

Sustainability must include resilience

Sustainability — Of systems, practices, processes, or cultures, that which can be continued indefinitely without destroying the foundation of its own existence. Antonym: suicide. Resilience — adj. Of systems, practices,...

06th Sep 2010
Surfeit of Pears

Surfeit of Pears

I had an accident prone day today. First I cut my finger slicing pears with a too-dull knife. We received a donation of several hundred pounds of pears from a...

08th Jul 2010
Remembering Why

Remembering Why

Because I have everything to live for. Because I love nature—the feel of the warm sun and cool breeze, the miracle of green growing things, the softness of little sheep...

30th Jun 2010
We all need somebody to lean on

We all need somebody to lean on

This is the time of year when the fruit trees grow legs. They become spidery beings, some of them. Their branches, burdened with too much fruit to bear, risk breaking...

25th Jun 2010
Hunt for the Bullfrog Mama

Hunt for the Bullfrog Mama

It was like Beowulf. Mika had been slaying the bullfrog tadpoles by the bucketful, tossing them to the chickens who would play a manic version of rugby with the slimy...