21st Sep 2012

Sharing Evernote Notebook: garden notes

https://www.evernote.com/pub/kerrplunk/gardennotes I’m trying this out as a system for keeping track of my planting and garden maintenance, and to be honest it’s more of a system than I ever had...

16th Aug 2012

A new friend

I made a new friend today. He’s a male (I believe) praying mantis of the Stagmomantis genus, probably californica. It may be a young one—it was I believe about 6cm...

02nd Feb 2011

Introduction to Permaculture Course

Just a short note to say I’m very pleased with the students in my introduction to permaculture course at New College of Florida this January. As so often happens in...

06th Sep 2010
Surfeit of Pears

Surfeit of Pears

I had an accident prone day today. First I cut my finger slicing pears with a too-dull knife. We received a donation of several hundred pounds of pears from a...

25th Jun 2010
Hunt for the Bullfrog Mama

Hunt for the Bullfrog Mama

It was like Beowulf. Mika had been slaying the bullfrog tadpoles by the bucketful, tossing them to the chickens who would play a manic version of rugby with the slimy...

21st Jun 2010
Sometimes a chore is a chore

Sometimes a chore is a chore

I like my work here at Emerald Earth. Most of it. From my weekly cooking and cleaning shifts to pulling weeds and planting seedlings, most of what I do every...

13th Jun 2010
Catch-up post

Catch-up post

Welcome to the first week of summer here at Emerald Earth. We’ve had a much longer rainy season than usual here; we even had some cool rainy days last week....

14th May 2010
Now for an amusing interlude

Now for an amusing interlude

It was nine o’clock on a moonless night. The sky was still slightly aglow, and I could see Venus following the sun down in the west between two silhouetted redwoods....